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I am currently in the final stages of my PhD focused on Mixed Reality, hoping to update this site soon! (Last updated in 2019/20)  Meanwhile, you could take a look at my personal work at >>

I am a techno-dexterous UX designer, crafting experiences informed by research, business strategy, and user needs. I am currently at the end of my PhD focused on creating an Interaction Design framework and an ideation toolkit for Mixed Reality at Northumbria University.
Previously I have worked as a Senior Chief Designer at Samsung Research Institute in India. Prior to that I was an Experience Designer at Microsoft R&D, India Development Center where I owned design for multiple features in products including creating mixed reality experiences for D365 Layout on Hololens, UX for Visio and Edge on MacOS.
I enjoy the cross-disciplinary nature of my work that spans across multiple domains and requires multiple skillsets.

 UX @ Microsoft

D365 Layout

Interaction design and strategy for the erstwhile D365 Layout on Hololens 2 

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 UX @ Microsoft

Edge on MacOS  

Design of the new Microsoft Edge for MacOS (Including creating conceptual frameworks, design guidelines for feature teams in Edge and design of the Edge Touch Bar experience on MacBook Pro)

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 Low-Cost Prefabricated 

 Deployable Shelters  

 made with processed bamboo 
 for the emerging south-asian housing markets 

GRAPHIC copy.jpg

 Art Installation 

 Kavak Prakash:  

 Electromechanical Organisms inspired by deep-sea  bioluminescent creatures 

 Presented at The Story of Light Festival 2015 

RAW2 copy copy.jpg

 Exhibition Design  

 Space design + Digital Interactions + Storytelling  

 Dovetail's Exhibition stall designed to tell the story of the company  by integrating interaction design and digital technologies with  space design 

 at Instore Asia 2016 

Exhibition Design

Space Design

Dovetail's Exhibition Stall designed to reflect the manufacturing capabilities of the company.

 at InStore Asia 2018


 Design of a Visual Programming Language 

 For a DIY Robotics Kit based on Arduino, for science education


Educational Workshop - Experimental Interfaces 

Design of Arcade style quirky Video game controllers

Touching upon the basics of Interaction design and physical computing in the process 

at UID, Product design students


Modules for a responsive facade

To negotiate the visual boundary between inside and outside by making the facade dynamic and modular

at NID

Interior Design  

Showroom for a florist 

In Surat

Architecture + Research  

Continuity and Change in Bhutanese Architecture 

Research Thesis CEPT                                                   


Design and development of Educational application in Gujarati for teaching Mathematics 

for Save the Children in Ahmedabad

 Video Game 

 Antariksha Sanchar 

 Transmissions in Space  

 An Indian Speculative science fiction adventure game based on the  vibrant cultures of South India 

bisiklet copy.jpg

 Art Installation

 Cycle pe Gokarna  

 understanding the Genus-Loci of a South Indian temple town, by  navigating through virtual visualisations using a bicycle 


Interactive Archive + Public Art

A series of Art Installations in Sanskar Kendra  

 at Abhivyakti City Arts Project 2018

Flow and Environment combi brake-2.jpg

 Auto Expo 2016: Interactive Installation  

Environment Design + Physical Computing + Software

Interactive installation simulating the combi-braking system in Honda 2Wheelers  

 at Auto Expo India 2016 

Educational Workshop - IoT 

Design of connected devices

Touching upon the basics of Interaction design and physical computing in the process 

at UID, Product design students

Spatial Audio Guide 

 Design of an Audio Guide Application  

Multi-lingual Application that provides an audio tour inorder to better understand the message of the museum 

 Ajit Vivek Museum + NID 

Art+ Robotics


Experimental electromechanical robots - colour sensing Bugs - supported by Arduino India and the Academy of Electronic Arts in India  

at CeC 2016, Shillong


Women's Hostel

Design of a living environment for female students 

Ranchi - Ongoing


Buddhist Monastery - Rabong

Internship Project, PAN Architecture, Gangtok

Publication Design + Research  

Rural Technology Institute

Research Associate with Prof. MP Ranjan, Design Innovation and Craft Resource Centre  

Interactive Art  

Rolodex Facebook device - Table top Atefact to access social media

NID Design Project

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