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Dovetail's Exhibition Stall, Instore Asia 2016 -

New Delhi

Interactive exhibition developed for Dovetail Furniture for their stall at the In-store Asia retail expo 2016 held at Pragati maidan, New Delhi. 

Dovetail Furniture Private Limited was established in 1994 to design, build and deliver furniture and fixtures for retail spaces, schools, institutions and homes. For the Instore Asia 2016 Expo, Dovetail wanted to create a space that facilitates conversations around the future of retail and emerging technologies. Dovetail Labs was set up to engage with experimental speculative work in this space.

The stall was designed to combine physical and digital in ways that create interest in the visitors through integrating technologies like beacon and AR through dynamic fixtures. The exhibition experience was designed to facilitate conversations on innovations in retail between the staff and visitors while they interact with the space.

The design process was about 2 weeks long. Fabrication(in Bangaluru) and transportation(to Delhi) was less than 2 weeks long, led by Dovetail.

Concept to execution • Priyanka Borar + Abhinav Mishra
Space design • Abhinav Mishra

Fixtures • Priyanka Borar + Abhinav Mishra + Dovetail Team
App development for Dynamic Fixtures (ios) • Priyanka Borar

AR App Development (android) •  Abhinav Mishra
Graphics • Georgie Paul
Fabrication • Dovetail team

The Dovetail stall received the first runner up award for the Best stall design at In-store Asia, 2016.

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