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Electromechanical insects, working prototypes developed for CeC 2016, supported by Arduino India. Originally developed with the idea of making a swarm of insects we fell short of money and time to finish the project. 

Time Duration : 1 Week

Presented at the CeC 2016, Shillong India

Testing and prototyping Interactions 

Concept to execution •  Abhinav Mishra + Vinay Hasija

Other works :

Auto Expo 2016, Honda :

 Interactive experience at Auto Expo simulating the new combi brake system in Honda 2 - wheelers

(Link inactive - website under construction)

Antariksha Sanchar:

A point and click adventure inspired by the dream theorems of prodigious mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, and originating from an opera by the classical dancer Jayalakshmi Eshwar. The game is co-produced with the support of  Quicksand Gameslab, Unbox and BLOT!.

(Link inactive - website under construction)

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