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Skill development strategies and curriculum development for Rural Technical Institutes in Gujarat

My Role: Research Associate + Publication Design

The project was lead by late Prof. MP Ranjan at the Design Innovation and Craft Resource Centre at CEPT

Year: 2013

Prof. Ranjan was the design chair working on developing policy and curriculum frameworks for the Rural Technical Institutes being formed in Gujarat. The primary focus was to bring a form of alignment between the vocational education and skill training initiatives with the mainstream education system so that it enables a number of cross over possibilities that are mutually beneficial.

The other key aspect was to ​establish activities and programme modules that encourage local schools and colleges to make use of the facilities and expertise of the local RTI and ITI centres to broad base the skill development agenda to make our population more skill oriented and capable of material and technological pursuits that are a challenge in the changing needs in an emerging era of the creative industries of the future which promises to be full of entrepreneurial opportunities for innovative explorations in our society based on skilful enterprise and services.

My contribution in the project were :

  • To understand and refine the frameworks developed by professor Ranjan 

  • To convert those frameworks into extremely simple diagrams

  • To design publication (a series of Five booklets) that would encapsulate the framework and its envisioned impact.

Other works :

Auto Expo 2016, Honda :

 Interactive experience at Auto Expo simulating the new combi brake system in Honda 2 - wheelers

(Link inactive - website under construction)

Antariksha Sanchar:

A point and click adventure inspired by the dream theorems of prodigious mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, and originating from an opera by the classical dancer Jayalakshmi Eshwar. The game is co-produced with the support of  Quicksand Gameslab, Unbox and BLOT!.

(Link inactive - website under construction)

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