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Kavak Prakash : The Story of Light 2015

“Kavak Prakash” is a light-based interactive installation inspired by the phenomenon of bioluminescence of deep sea creatures. The name is derived from the Hindi terms for fungus (Kavak) and light (Prakash). The imagined creatures were placed and brought to life in dark and unexposed corners of Panjim to simulate an environment where humans and the bioluminescent creatures share the same land. 

Kavak Prakash started as a self initiated project. The major direction was to develop electromechanical creatures that communicate through change in light and form. We took this forward in The Story of Light Festival (2015) in Goa where we got the opportunity and support to create two distinct interactive art installations based on the same theme. One installation (the tree dweller - responded to proximity and presence) was installed on a giant rubber tree behind GMC building and the other one (Light Interface version) was installed inside the fish structure at Miramar beach

Time Duration: Two Installations were designed and executed within the 3 week duration of the art residency. Below are the photos and videos of both the installations.

The fact that certain creatures use light signals and flashes for communication, navigation, mating, defence mechanisms as well as bait, which are also visually stunning, drew the artists to the subject. The sense of surprise when you discover this interactive installation will hopefully drive people to know more about this organism and the property of bio-luminescence (in some of the most beautiful and endangered creatures) that is no longer seen with the kind of wonderment it deserves.

Concept to execution •  Abhinav Mishra + Vinay Haisja
Design Lead • Abhinav 

Electronics Lead • Vinay 

Documentation • Ashutosh, DouglasMitwa A.V.
Support • The Story of Light 2015 

Other works :

Instore Asia 2016, Dovetail :

Exhibition design for Dovetail that had digital interactions in a physical space using dynamic fixtures

(Link inactive - website under construction)

Cycle pe Gokarna:

An interactive installation where the intent was to build upon the concept of flâneur, the user cycles aimlessly through various representations of Gokarna and develops his/hers own perception of the town.

(Link inactive - website under construction)

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