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Bamboo Prefabs

Consulted as an architect, to develop prefabricated shelters with engineered composite bamboo panels. The factory was located in Arunachal Pradesh ( The remote eastern most state of India ) and the bamboo was sourced and processed locally. The task was to work out simplest prefab lego like building components - minimising the wastage - making it very fast and efficient to fabricate in the available resources and reduce deployment time . The cap at cost of construction+deployment was around 550Rs/sq feet.

The shelters in most part were meant to combine small scale businesses with dwelling. Part of the role was to design various functions with the prefab modules. Functions included tailor's shop, garage, small grocery shops, etc combined with a residential unit. Other functions included shelter for workforce accommodation, earthquake relief shelters and lodges. 

The design process was iterative with a focus on making prototypes and optimising the processes in the factory. At the end of the process after the prototypes and the joinery details were finalised my final task was to make an instruction manual which would explain the design and the deployment process step by step with proper safety equipment and tools to new carpenters and laymen.

Photos of the structure while being deployed (Photo Credits : Eko)

Parts from the Instruction manual

Concept to execution •  Abhinav Mishra


Arduino +  Unity

Other works :

Dovetail's Exhibit: InStore Asia 2016 

Design of space and digital interactions for the exhibition at InStore Asia 2016

Continuity and Change in Bhutanese Architecture

Research thesis at CEPT University, Faculty of architecture.

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