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Rolodex Facebook Device

Rolodex-Facebook-Device is a table-top artefact to access Facebook. Here the idea was to look at pages on Facebook as places that are accessed through a device reminiscent of a rolodex which was used to indexing information in the past. Rolodex was a popular device back in the day to index contact information. The idea for this tangible social media artefact directly borrows from the idea of a rolodex. What if we still used it to access our Facebook news feed?

The idea of endless scrolling of the facebook news feed on the computer led to the action (interaction) of flipping the cards endlessly on a tangible object.

The user can flip through these cards to access Facebook content on the artefact. These cards are similar to a Rolodex which being an indexing system works as hypertext to access text in this case. The concept also was tangentially influenced by the idea of 'memex' developed by Vannevar Bush.

Time Duration : 4 Weeks / 2012

Design project at New Media Design @ NID, India

Other works :

Kavak Prakash, The Story of Light :

“Kavak Prakash” is a light-based interactive electromechanical organisms inspired by the phenomenon of bioluminescence of deep sea creatures.

Antariksha Sanchar:

A point and click adventure inspired by the dream theorems of prodigious mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, and originating from an opera by the classical dancer Jayalakshmi Eshwar. The game is co-produced with the support of  Quicksand Gameslab, Unbox and BLOT!.

(Link inactive - website under construction)

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