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City in Sounds


'City in Sounds' were a series of art installations made for the 'Abhiyakti City Arts Project' in Ahmedabad. The central idea was to understand the associations between the sounds of the city and its inhabitants. This required extensive documentation of the sounds from the city. These sounds were then presented to the people of the city through a series of six interactive exhibits.

A part of the project was also to recreate certain extinct sounds and embed them into objects that used to be in daily use in the life of the people from the city and evoke a certain nostalgia. 

Ahmedabad recently acquired the status of a 'world heritage city' by UNESCO. It becomes very important in this light to document various facets of the city. The aural landscape is a major part of the lived experience of the city.

The art installations were housed in the famous 'City Museum' designed by Le Corbusier.

Authors: Abhinav Mishra, Isha Talsania

Production Team: Nakul Shah, Krunal Patel, Isha Talsania, Abhinav Mishra

Festival: Abhivyakti City Arts Project

Photographs: Nakul Shah


Arduino +  Unity 

Other works :

Auto Expo 2016, Honda :

Interactive experience at Auto Expo simulating the new combi brake system in Honda 2 - wheelers

Kavak Prakash:

The Story of Light 2015

“Kavak Prakash” is a light-based interactive installation inspired by the phenomenon of bioluminescence of deep sea creatures. 

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